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New Flag
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

These were done for Bob Kato's class at Disney Consumer Products yesterday. The top two were five minutes, yes, five minutes, so the challenge was trying to capture the gesture and basic silohuette in that time. The bottom right two were the last ones~10 minutes a figure and a little more time to breathe. Check out the last one~this time i used a Burnt Umber for the ground, and in the figure, some Hooker's green, Cad red light, yellow ochre with the dominate base of Ivory black and Titanium white. I managed to get a step of gradations of values in warms and cools, a method taught by Sean Cheetham, a few months ago. This is the direction I am heading and this figure is the most successful. The warm and cool relationships and the brushwork is finally coming together! I did not get the model's name, he is half vietnamese and causcausian, does stunts with fire, looks 21, but is 38! He gave us everything, outstanding silohuettes, acting, intensity, amazing physique and had a great sense of humor!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Yeah, it's been a while. Had a slew of freelance, exhausted. Still playing in Black and White, having a ball. Poses are about 10 minutes long on board, acrylic.