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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elizabeth: The Golden Age Lots of love in this one. Elizabeth as a teenager, accused of treason by a then dying Queen of England. Great shot, fantastic rim light. I really modeled this one and slowed down. Ron Velasco has been inspiring me to be more selective about color choice and take more time on these shots. Even tho he has never hardly said a word, I watch him in class and he really takes his time to fill in those shadow shapes first. I've picked up a bad habit of rushing art because of all the deadlined projects I work on and it has been a battle for me to slow down a little bit. But I am trying.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elizabeth: The Golden Age So many shots, so very little time...This is one of my favorite scenes in this movie. Sir Walter Raleigh walks in on the Queen and they are alone and she is frantic over having to execute Mary, The Queen of Scots after finding out Mary was plotting to have Elizabeth killed. Says Walter R: "Since when were you ever afraid?" To which Elizabeth, very honestly says, while looking down, "I am always afraid." I think it is these moments of honesty in her character which makes her so human, while appearing so invincible to her people, that make her so entertaining to watch. I spent time on this one and could have continued for another week, but I want to move on. This was done in segments of time.