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New Flag
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Another submission, this time to Film Roman in the style of King of the Hill. Struck out on this one too. Again, it was fun to draw this character.

I was asked to draw some game characters for a test. I did these pretty fast but did not get the job. I'm not esp. enamored of these but they were fun. I've never really tried for a character designer position for a game company so hopefully I will get better in time.

Saturday I painted with The Santa Clarita Artists Association. Laura Wambsgans was the only other person to show up and paint. She has been so supportive to me and encourages me to continue on...

The first one was a complicated composition with lots of values and and brush. I should not have started with this one. The second one I whipped out in about 20 minutes, and I think is more successful. The second usually is.

Thanks, Laura!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Working on:

Return to LeoPardine

I had my big burly, he-man husband pose for this! He almost blew his knees out getting back up. The rest is pieces and parts, arm and leg studies. I have not drawn the nude figure in years-I really miss it and loved it when I did. LeoPardine is a character that comes closest to the nude and damn, if she isn't so fun to draw!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Barbara Bradley, one of the greatest persons I have ever known passed away suddenly in a car accident. She was one of the greatest instructors I have ever had and she made a huge impact on the way I approach drawing. She was a real tough mentor to impress and made you want to please her. Her critiques were always cutting to the bone but at the same time highly constructive. She could embarrass you but then at the same time get your blood up so you could rise to her challenge. It was her way of demonstrating the love she felt for you. You don't meet that many teachers like that any more-everyone has become so "politically correct", eager to be liked and not to ruffle feathers. Barbara was old school; you had to work hard to earn her respect.