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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Archer revisited. Barbara Bradley
wrote: "WHAT FUN. HOW DELIGHTFUL AND SPIRITED. YOUR ENERGY IS AMAZING. ( My energy in the olden days when my kids were small amazes me when I reflect on it... last minutes sewing of pearls on the bride doll's dress at Midnight Christmas eve, etc. I remember doing three more sketches for a Borden's billboard before heading to the hospital after my water broke. ) Produce while you've got the steam." Barbara, I will cherish these words forever. Your support, enthusiasm, your generosity lifts me.

I bought her book on line: Drawing People How to portray the clothed figure, by Barbara Bradley. Check it out! A must for your figure drawing library.

I had done a comp of one in an earlier post and came back to it. Mentor Barbara Bradley suggested i plant that foot; sorry Barbara; i will when i get some time! Holidays coming up, lots of freelance, multitasking like a monkey, no time to paint horses or sketch for LeoPardine! Meager offerings, I know. (anguished scream right here)

bottom drawing, a quick concept. Love the body calligraphy, this one needs to be finished. Archers have such wonderful gestures; must investigate more...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Horsin' around...These were done a few years ago when I was getting familar with painting in Photoshop. I love the fact that if I had a nice drawing; I did not have to touch it with color.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here is a pencil sketch from fellow artist, Vince M. Please take a look at his work. Vince has a lot of years in the illustration industry, quite a history and a great guy.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Flight Revisited. This was the original concept; I just now was able to put the bees in.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

These were done a few years ago before i had my daughter. I used to love to figure draw. Infact, I drew so many naked people, it took my awhile to get used to drawing the figure with clothes! To actually be able to leave my house and go to a workshop would be a dream come true these days...sigh

this was done for a potential client found on Craiglist. He wanted a blood hound to be attacked by rottweilers. this could have been a real fun and complicated illustration; i could have really gone to town on this. however, the "client" soon disappeared, as they all do from Craigslist. Greg keeps emailing to this website for me and i keep telling him it is a waste of time! these people want quality stuff for nothing!

I love lion dancers. They are magical, mystical creatures, fun to draw. One of these days I will develope this character better. And create an entire world of these animals!