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New Flag
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Playing with brushes exercise:  This holiday season I treated myself to a purchase of Creature Art Teacher, Aaron Blaise's texture brushes.  They were on sale.  Amazing brushes.  They mimic brush on canvas.  They are also pressure sensitive and he sets up a ready to go file with a canvas texture on the bottom layer (PS), a toned layer, a drawing layer and a canvas layer on the top that is multiplied.  I bought the canvas texture brushes as well as the watercolor brushes.  Have not gotten to these yet.  The link is:

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Shoten Zenjin update color

Inch by inch, trying to get this done, in between freelance, house chores, personal projects, raising a teenager, taking turns driving rabbit, then dog to the vet, then dog and rabbit to the vet again for a series of shots, each animal a series of shots every 14 days on different days, trying to prep a room to rent, cooking, laundry, driving daughter to school, fundraisers, etc, and so much more... sigh.  I'm liking the impact, altho I just hate the face; can't stand the face; need to retool the face...