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Monday, October 31, 2016

Ok~because I must keep up with the demands of social media, I have migrated~like so many of you lemmings~and have become a lemming ma'self.  I am now on Instagram and learning about it's usage.  Because I have opened up an Etsy store,  I have to join.  Been crazy busy, creating beautiful works of vintage inspired jewelry for the holidays, painting to submit to a local gallery for next year and so many other projects in the hopper.

I'm not used to painting on canvas, as many of you know, my choice is Bristol Vellum (paper), so I am making the adjustment to traditional canvas.  Currently I am working on a 12" x 24" panel canvas and having loads of fun with that. 

I am also planning to sell more art online for 2017.  In January, I will be flying to Oakland to talk about some concepts with one of my best art buddies and long time friend, Sergio Lobato, (my first Art Director, from back in the early gaming days, Stormfront Studios) who paints for galleries in San Francisco and who will be perfect for collaborating with on a project we just can't wait to create and bring to you.

My new Instagram account is:
Please join me on this Journey in search of Excellence and Beauty.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in Instagram.  I will be spending more time there, then on the blog because of the demands of the Etsy store.

Thank you, for your continued interest! 

And always, Keep Creating Out There!  :)


Monday, October 03, 2016


Ink project for a friend's start up company.  I drew the characters and everything.  This is done in Illustrator, color fills, just line work to accentuate parts of the illustration.  Playing around with gradients

Monday, September 26, 2016

I think I'm ready to go to ink on this one.  I will correct the vertical lines in Illustrator and keep you updated as I go.  I will have to adjust proportions as well because I'm seeing that the head is about 2% too large and the body may need to go a little longer.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A friend sent me a new sketchbook; trying it out.  Playing around with my greys.  Still having fun with shadow shapes and telling the story with the shadows.  Painting from sculptures has always been fun for me because the classical sculptures have great silohuettes and wonderful shadows

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The other thing I've been working on is opening up a shop on Etsy.  This has taken me months just to get the bare bones in.  Bad car accident, then car broke down twice.  Four days of the Sand Fire threat, right up the hill from me.  Then the AC breaks down (twice!) and I can't work if the AC goes down; it will fry my computer.  My divorce lawyer took my payments and left town.  Since I had paid her in full, all she gave me was promise after promise and resorted to ignoring phone calls and emails and now we will be going on 4 years with nothing done.  Had to hire a paralegal to finish the job.   Hard to get a hold of him too.  Prepping to go into Arbitration to see if I can retrieve any of those payments, since she never gave me any receipts or invoices on how and where my payment went.  Driving my kid back and forth, back and forth to Dance practice this summer, inking for Disney.  It's been four years of emergency, after emergency after emergency, as I spend my days just putting out fires.  I am finding out that few people are as busy as a single parent.  And so I get very little time to draw or create these days which is just heartbreaking.  
Making jewelry pieces (done with the Summer Line up, working on a stunning new Fall line up).  Many of the pieces I use, I find them at the local Swap Meet and wire wrap vintage found objects into jewelry.  No one else on Etsy does this; no one else wire wraps beads as small as seed beads.  And not to worry.  I am still working on the Sprites drawing series, finding my pencils, just need to find time to finish Shoten Zenjin, and then it goes to Ink!  These will be up for sale on Etsy also~  :)
Kimberly M Zamlich

An excursion to the Natural History Museum in LA to see the Pterosaur exhibit.  Since I draw dragons, this is an excellent opportunity to see how Pterosaurs flew.  Unfortunately the exhibit was so dark, it was hard to sketch or see the detail better.  I think they dim the lights so low that it makes it hard for photography~but makes it difficult for sketching as well.  I was fascinated with the silohuettes of the bones~such interesting and terrific designs.  Would be awesome to use a brush to paint these in~but museums are getting more strict in that most will not let you paint anymore near the exhibits.  So I always bring my pencils and Faber Castell brushpens.  These were sketched with a pencil that I thought is no longer made~Verithins (made by Berol, which is a Prismacolor pencil).  Verithins are a smaller point, and not as fragile as the modern Prismas.  They can take pressure and because of their point size, can handle finer details and more pressure then the Prismas.  Prismas have a tendency to crumble, but the Verithins don't.  We used to use some of them in Animation when 2D was still being done, but these days, I have to buy them online wherever I can find them.  Recently, I just found out that the black Verithins are still being manufactured in Mexico.  Just bought two boxes for the Sprites series I am working on.  I just met up with my friend John Quinn of Disney Consumer Products and he gave me several boxes of them that were dumped at work.  So now I don't have to buy online anymore!  :)  Thanks, John!!
I started off with the Pterosaur exhibit first, then proceeded to my favorite section~the Age of Mammals.  It blows my mind to think that many of these large animals lived here~right in California~and that we had the American Lion, which was a third bigger then the African Lion.  I drew a lot that day, and my brain was fried by the time I got to the Lions.  Check out the progression of skill:  Pterosaurs, roughly drawn in semi darkness, had lunch, blood sugar went up, here I get the cleanest drawings in the Dinosaur Hall, then my brain gets tired and the two last pages, the sketches get looser.  I've got eye and brain fatigue.
Which is frustrating since we finally get to the Big Cats and my brain is fried!  I don't know what it is~when I get to the Big Cats, the Lions, the Sabors, I get teary eyed.  They are my absolute favorite.  All curves and tapers.  Beautiful inside and out.  All paws and teeth.  Out of all the bones I've ever sketched, the prehistoric mammals, esp. the Big Cats grab my imagination; they are so majestic and are the epitome of incredible design.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Traditional paint exercise

Playing around with greys.  Been away from my tubes of pigment WAY too long.  Small, 2 inches by two and a half in sletchbook

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Shoten Zenjin2: The Scorpion Goddess

Shoten Zenjin 2:  The Scorpion Goddess.  This is a mash up of Alphonse Mucha, Anime and Selket, the Egyptian Goddess who guards King Tut in the Afterlife (a figure of her was found in his tomb). 

I unwittingly started with a half used pencil in my pencil box to start on this final pencil, and after wildly searching around, found out I had no more.  I explained my dilemma to my friend, Sergio, who started looking for "Berol Verithin Eagle Colored Pencils", Ultramarine Blue 740, and he said "I don't think they make them anymore."  Time to Panic.  Okay, Try not to Panic.  He found a box (YESSS!!!) online and sent them to me.  Ripping open the package, heart beating, I blow the dust off the box, glue yellowed and cracked...musta been hanging in someone's garage for years...sharpened and continued...Interestingly enough, this is an older version from the one I had been using (prolly from my Disney Days late 90's) and slightly more yellow in the formula (teal-ish) but much smoother...Back in Business...

The final tight pencil is being drawn on one of my favorite papers~Borden and Riley Parchment (a heavy trace paper) and I love this because it has such a lovely tooth and can take unbelievable abuse, erase, draw, erase.  Prismas (the last one Winter Turns to Spring final tight pencil was drawn with a black Prisma) are a bit too crumbly but the Ultramarine 740's are smaller, can take a little more pressing, loves the tooth of the Parchment and still scans well for PS.  (Berol may have been an offshoot of Prismas back in the day)  Don't know what I will be using after this box is gone....  :(