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New Flag
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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Chief Powhatan and friend discuss the fate of the smelly Englishman, John Smith in a bizarre and frightening scene.

Okay~I struggled with this one. High contrast, no saturated colors, it was an exercise in purples and oranges. It was hard to make the color harmonies interesting and not go flat. Or maybe it was just one of those days when painting is an uphill battle...Also I am coming to the end of this book so part of the scans are now out of focus...

Saturday, August 06, 2011

New World

This is truly one of my favorite films, very introspective and spiritual. I love this segment of the story; it is very sensual and tender. I always cry when I watch it. I love Terence Malick's statement about the intensity of emotion and complexity of relationships and his portrayal of the beauty and power of nature. Not a film for everyone, however, it puts my husband to sleep.

Lots of beautiful color harmonies here, purples mixed with yellows and oranges, purples in the shadows, lots of muted colors.