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New Flag
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Monday, October 31, 2016

Ok~because I must keep up with the demands of social media, I have migrated~like so many of you lemmings~and have become a lemming ma'self.  I am now on Instagram and learning about it's usage.  Because I have opened up an Etsy store,  I have to join.  Been crazy busy, creating beautiful works of vintage inspired jewelry for the holidays, painting to submit to a local gallery for next year and so many other projects in the hopper.

I'm not used to painting on canvas, as many of you know, my choice is Bristol Vellum (paper), so I am making the adjustment to traditional canvas.  Currently I am working on a 12" x 24" panel canvas and having loads of fun with that. 

I am also planning to sell more art online for 2017.  In January, I will be flying to Oakland to talk about some concepts with one of my best art buddies and long time friend, Sergio Lobato, (my first Art Director, from back in the early gaming days, Stormfront Studios) who paints for galleries in San Francisco and who will be perfect for collaborating with on a project we just can't wait to create and bring to you.

My new Instagram account is:
Please join me on this Journey in search of Excellence and Beauty.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in Instagram.  I will be spending more time there, then on the blog because of the demands of the Etsy store.

Thank you, for your continued interest! 

And always, Keep Creating Out There!  :)


Monday, October 03, 2016


Ink project for a friend's start up company.  I drew the characters and everything.  This is done in Illustrator, color fills, just line work to accentuate parts of the illustration.  Playing around with gradients