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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello Everyone: My father recently died of complications of cancer a few days ago at the hospital. I have not been able to create or blog any work for this period and will be returning Saturday to the Los Angeles area. This is one of the last photos taken of him; we were very close. He is the greatest man I have ever known and it is because of him, that I am the artist I am of today. Kimberly See you all in February.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Amazing, amazing gallery show at the Weisman. It's the first time an illustration show has been featured at Pepperdine. For all you that could not make it, this is one of the best shows you will see for the year 2013, esp if you like art from this period. You won't likely find the quality and amount of the draftsmanship, craftsmanship in one gallery this year. I believe it runs til March so you still have enough time. It's free! What's astonishing is the concentration of talent that flourished in this short period. I can't get over how creative each artist was with composition, gesture, the ability to tell a story in a glance, and the brushwork! Oh the brushwork! Leyendecker, Pyle, Wyeth, James Montgomery Flagg, Mead Schaeffer (next to Leyendecker, one of my favorite work examples, powerful, with huge bold and brave brushstrokes), Cornwell, Parrish, Charles Dana Gibson and even a Frank Leyendecker were represented. This is why I became an Illustrator. And the gallery was packed after 6! I talked to Stuart Ng, Ruben Procopio,, animal sketch teacher, Marshall Vandruff (Gnomon), even ran into my illustration teacher, Bunny Carter, who had flown in from San Jose, California just to see the show and the collector of these extraordinary pieces. Many people were not able to make it this weekend, but I am planning to circle back to visit again with some folks so I will keep you notified of the next gathering. Thank you, everyone, for your interest and support! Kimberly

Saturday, January 12, 2013

FINI! Finally gave birth to this one! I'm actually sick of looking at it, but did have lots of fun with it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doggone tired today..Miss painting; did not get a chance, but drew some horses. The lines which go beyond the figures are guidelines and help to keep the flow in the subject. I learned this method from Mark Westomoe and Paul Wee. Paul pushed me to find the "calligraphy" of the figure, a much more eloquent and descriptive word which made more sense to me than "find the gesture" or "design of the figure", etc.