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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Update on screen pic: A few days ago, Pop was diagnosed with cancer literally flowering at the end of his esophagus. And the reason why I mention this is because I fell into a deep depression; my Dad one of my favorite people, the man who has taught me how to be independent, to have integrity, the man who brought me into this world, was dying. Usually I attack everything with speed and confidence; I never rest and this day, could did not even know who I was. I was frozen. In order to break out of this I unplugged myself from the world and needed to get my brain activated. I painted. Back in November, I attended CTN in Burbank and talked to world class artist, Rob Rhuppel, and had shown him my book of painted screen shots. I am learning to turn the figure with warms and cools, learning to abstract the painting a little esp. in the background, getting some environment in there and he said simply, you now need to show some depth, make sure the fore figure comes forward and everything is pushed back in the background. So this will be the next goal. This will probably be the last entry for this year. Everyone, have a wonderful and memorable Holiday! And stay safe out there! Kimberly
Quick plein aire in Mission Viejo with my best friend's daughter. It's a bird sanctuary called See and Sage. I suck at plein aire since I don't get enough practice was a dark overcast day with brackish water...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WHAT'S NEW: An interview with Animation Insider: and thank you, Mike Milo:

Thursday, December 06, 2012

This is a book published by artist Pascal Campion, titled Papa c'est Moi. I met Mr. Campion at CTN this year in Burbank and as I rarely buy art books at these kind of events, I highly recommend this one as a Christmas gift, and yes, I did buy it. It is was wonderful mix of the magic and joys of being human. Garunteed you will feel lighter and at peace after looking at his family oriented art. These images stand out among the edgy, dark and cynical work that you typically see on the internet. Sit down with the family, relax and immerse yourself in this kid friendly collection of images which will have you wonder and smile.