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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The other thing I've been working on is opening up a shop on Etsy.  This has taken me months just to get the bare bones in.  Bad car accident, then car broke down twice.  Four days of the Sand Fire threat, right up the hill from me.  Then the AC breaks down (twice!) and I can't work if the AC goes down; it will fry my computer.  My divorce lawyer took my payments and left town.  Since I had paid her in full, all she gave me was promise after promise and resorted to ignoring phone calls and emails and now we will be going on 4 years with nothing done.  Had to hire a paralegal to finish the job.   Hard to get a hold of him too.  Prepping to go into Arbitration to see if I can retrieve any of those payments, since she never gave me any receipts or invoices on how and where my payment went.  Driving my kid back and forth, back and forth to Dance practice this summer, inking for Disney.  It's been four years of emergency, after emergency after emergency, as I spend my days just putting out fires.  I am finding out that few people are as busy as a single parent.  And so I get very little time to draw or create these days which is just heartbreaking.  
Making jewelry pieces (done with the Summer Line up, working on a stunning new Fall line up).  Many of the pieces I use, I find them at the local Swap Meet and wire wrap vintage found objects into jewelry.  No one else on Etsy does this; no one else wire wraps beads as small as seed beads.  And not to worry.  I am still working on the Sprites drawing series, finding my pencils, just need to find time to finish Shoten Zenjin, and then it goes to Ink!  These will be up for sale on Etsy also~  :)
Kimberly M Zamlich

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