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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Shoten Zenjin update color

Inch by inch, trying to get this done, in between freelance, house chores, personal projects, raising a teenager, taking turns driving rabbit, then dog to the vet, then dog and rabbit to the vet again for a series of shots, each animal a series of shots every 14 days on different days, trying to prep a room to rent, cooking, laundry, driving daughter to school, fundraisers, etc, and so much more... sigh.  I'm liking the impact, altho I just hate the face; can't stand the face; need to retool the face...


Alex Alderete said...

Its coming together Kimberly beautifully, the depth and color work are really starting to solidify. All of the steps you showed me are making a lot of sense.

Kimberly M Zamlich said...

Alex, you are awesome! I'm glad I can help. And your sketches are taking flight~keep drawing. Start to do some quick lighting with them on a separate layer in PS. You can also do some quick, and I mean quick and rough sculpts of them in Sculpey and light them and draw from them. You will be amazed at how lighting invigorates the drawing; changes the mood, directs the eye, etc. I had trouble drawing the big cats and I sculpted one. It has really helped me draw them (without reference) and to cast dramatic light on them in the illustrations. Check out James Gurney's blog. He has all his subjects cataloged and easy to find.