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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I love lion dancers. They are magical, mystical creatures, fun to draw. One of these days I will develope this character better. And create an entire world of these animals!


Vince M said...

Lion dancers always scared me as a kid. I always thought they were baby dragons. NYC's Chinatown was a short walk from my maternal Grandmother's apartment in Little Italy (the same building that Scorcese filmed some scenes of "Mean Streets" in) so me and my cousins would walk over and spend the day there.

My favorite place was the "Chinese Museum" which was more like a Penny Arcade.

I wonder if the "Dancing Chicken" is still there?

Your version of the Dragon however is very appealing. Not scary at all.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

I grew up in the bay area and my brothers were involved in Kung Fu classes. I knew the kids who were in the lion costumes so it was not too scary for me. It seems like it would really be fun to design, make, and wear that costume! However, i would not like to be the "butt" end part!