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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just finished this tonight for a designer friend. Had lots of fun with it.

Again, big thanks to John Quinn(now in London, see blog) who emailed me and told me how to link more people up.


Jeff Harter said...

Waaaah, waaaah....I can't believe they fired me!!!!!

Oh, Hi kim....nice blog!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

hey would have fired me also, but i left to take care of my daughter!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

let's go slow-poke! where are the links?
send me your log-in info I'll do it for you. jeez.

if you want i'll do it. tell me who you want to link.

see ya"

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

okay! okay! first i have to do some laundry, put the dishes away, feed my hungry 5 year old, whip out a turn around, more housewifery drudgery! Boy, not only are you HOT for your age, but getting IMPATIENT as well! (see John Quinn's London caricature of himself on his blog)

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

did ja see it? Did ja?? I did it! you're a good teacher, john, thanks!

Dan said...

HAHA! Thanks Kim for the link! And thanks John for teaching her.

Hope you're both enjoying the weekend. It's a beautiful day here in NY!!!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

where do you work now, Dan? What do you like to draw?

Dan said...

Hi Kim
I currently work as a story artist and animator at Animation Collective in NYC. Currently I am working on Ellen's Acres, a pre-school show that will air on Cartoon Network in the fall.

You know, that's funny, because that is probably the first time I have ever been asked that question. I am not sure what my favorite thing to draw is, I like to draw in the moment, like in my last post, although I don't do it nearly as much as I should, but I also enjoy exploring story/concepts as well.

How bout you? Work? and favorite thing to draw?


Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

i am a stay at home mom. I used to work at disney feature film, did about 4 years at a computer game co. before that. Now i freelance from our house.

I love drawing animals. when i first started to draw the figure very seriously, i really struggled and i think most of us do. but with animals, it has always been a no brainer. whenever i would get stuck drawing the figure, i would switch over to animals and for some reason, it would help with the figure. Right now, i have done perhaps over a hundred big cat sketches but have not posted them. I've drawn them from the computer, from video, from great animals artists like Claire Wendling. The next step will be to do some quick sculpts--to really tie down the surface anatomy. And i feel i have justed started.

i love sketching with prismacolors, particularly, Tuscan Red, which has a great smooth yet soft crayon-like texture over smooth paper. It flows like butter. This is a change since all i ever used to use was surfaces with a little tooth or texture.

but i have been told that i paint with acrylic the best, altho i have not had time to paint since having a child. I have played with photoshop, but miss the feel and randomness of real paint.

Dan said...


Good for you! It has ALWAYS been my dream to work for Disney Feature, and hopefully one day I will.

For as much as I love drawing, my real passion is in the story telling and my ultimate goal is to make the transition from TV to features one day.

Your animal drawing are GREAT, you definitely make it look easy. I actually just discovered Claire Wendlling myself, and have been itching to pick up some of her books.

As for myself I do a lot more drawing and animation on the computer, but I do wish i was working more with traditional paper and pencil. It just isn' t the same.

I enjoy using a softer lead mechanical pencil. I tend to sketch REALLY rough and I like that a mechanical pencil always maintains sharp edge so no matter how much I sketch over and over, I can avoid getting that dull thick line from a wooden pencil..

That is usually as far as my drawings get because I feel like I ruin them when I clean them up or try and color them.....However I am working on that


Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

You may have a chance yet to go to work for disney. it appears that pixar is trying to get 2 d animation going again, if 2d is your goal.

keep sketching. i always keep pencils, paper and a water color set in my back pack. people always wonder why my pack is so heavy!

anyway, i will be in the bay area for a few days...hope to see new drawings up your blog!

Dan said...

Yea i know, i hope they do. For me though it doesnt matter if its 2d or 3d. As long as it fits a well told story.

I am at the end of a long freelance project that is eating up every ounce of my free time until next week.

But I will do my best to not let you down though :)
Enjoy your trip!

Tao Nguyen said...

Hey Kimmie,
I love your blog- nice drawings girl. Why aren't you working for Disney or something. You got talent. Talk to you later- TAo!

R.Dress said...

She's Peeerty. By the way, the bull dog sketch you commented on was copied from one of my TS Sullivant books. Good eye.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

i'm back! Southwest lost my child's booster seat in Oakland after a miserable 2 1/2 wait for our luggage. my 5 year old was bouncing off the aggravated travelers and me as well. it would have been a prime place to sketch, but it is difficult to do so with an active monkey of a daughter whom i'm paranoid some vagrant will grab and run off with if i go into sketch mode. it was also irritating to travel with my tubed paint in check in luggage. i am always a few inches away from my precious paints and it drove me nuts not to be. god, i'm a freak.

r. dress, your sketches of your enviroment are refreshing and fun! are you not an animator?

dan--anything new over the weekend?

tao--you dope! don't you know disney doesn't love their artists anymore? hahaha

Peter Emmerich said...

Hey Kim- This is just WONDERFUL! Paint it PLEASE!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

hey PETER!

I am digitally inking it as an excercise! right now, i am working on the leopardine character--i tend to like drawing physically fit chicks-warriors, really, so to do this one threw me, because i had so much fun with it.