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Monday, February 19, 2007

Here are some illustrations I did for a toy company. This represents hundreds of drawings submitted since Sept. I also did toys, turnarounds, etc for each character. I am almost ashamed of this work because it is hack work at best. Bad anatomy choices, bad use of perspective, tangents galore, etc. The top of each illustration is left open for type and I was asked to tone down and simplify values. These are tiny illustrations for packaging and will be pitched towards children 4 years and younger. I did not chose the color schemes for the characters. I felt like a ferrari stuck in first gear!


Vince M. said...

Nothing to be ashamed of here, Kim. Commercial art is never easy, especially when narrow criteria need to be met.
I think you did a great job.

I'm sure your client is happy with it.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

thanks, V. It was a big hit over at the Toy Fair, so now they want a lot more for the next campaign. I'm not sure what i am going to do since greg is going to work full time and i still have 28 more inks to do for Cartoon Network...

Freelance has been crazy since September! I keep wondering when it is going to slow down! It usually does...thanks for dropping by!