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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I did a quick cowgirl job for another client this week. Here is a rough drawing of the cowgirl, done without picture reference. I like the rough the best because it really has a nice flow. The final drawing was done after some picture reference and the concept pose was provided to me by the client. It will be placed on a young child's t-shirt.


Vince M. said...

I like your original rough better, Kim. The final pencil looks too "placed" and vertical in layout. Too bad you couldn't tilt the guitar a little, to give it more interest.
Good to know you're keeping busy.

Don't forget to put strings on that gee-tar!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

The original is always better. But this concept sketch was rejected because the final drawing fit the layout of the t-shirt better. And oh wanted to swing the hips out more and tilt the guitar, but again that was not what was desired in the final.

Braynyac said...

Hey, Kim,
I came across your blog through Mr. Quinn's, as many people do. I really like your animal paintings.

Reading the comments regarding the "Re-Animated" stuff - I can't really take much credit for much of it. Mostly some coaching.

Stephanie Gladden did the drawings not from show models.

Keep up the good work.

- Bryan Mon

Greg said...


Hey! What a great surprise! I learned a lot inking and with your encouragement and help. I look forward to working with you again!

Mr.Magoo said...

great stuff Kim!