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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Prehistoric Arboreal Cat

Been working on this for a while now. Special thanks for fantasy artist, Christopher Moeller, who helped me establish a light source for the painting and for all his encouragement and patience. I met Christopher at the Comic Con this year and peppered him with questions for almost an hour.

This is about 12x7.5, acrylic on canvas paper and lots and lots of glazes.

And here is a drawing study I forgot to post.


Buddy said...

Love the 'jungle' feel of this...looks like a jaguar. What sort of study was it for? Do you have any of your clean-up from your feature animation days?
Keep up the great artwork, its beautiful stuff!


Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Hey Buddy! Thanks for visiting! The study was for trying to practice painting big cats. They are tricky to do; at least for me. I love the anatomy, the grace and the power they emanate and try to show that in the work. I am working up to paint sabor tooth cats for LeoPardine.

I do not have a lot of clean up from the feature animation days. Clean -up has been going out of the country-so I do not usually carry it in a portfolio and even tho I loved working at Disney, I love character design and painting more than anything, so that is what I have in the portfolio! If anything, I show the digital clean-up these days.

Have you started a blog?

Buddy said...

No I haven't started a blog, I'm not quite THERE yet. Hopefully someday in the future...for now its just inspiration and admiration for me:) What's digital clean-up all about?
Was feature animation an enjoyable

Lovin the artwork!