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New Flag
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The landscape painting was done this Saturday. The rain went away for a little while and I joined the Santa Clarita Artists Association at Olga's in Newhall. Not great, but I painted anyway. Lately I've sort of hit a bit of melancholia. To make matters worse, I've strained my back, a new experience for me as I have resorted to popping advils--but it did not stop me from meeting with Laura Wambsgans and the group.

Olga has a steer, yes a steer in her backyard. I did something i never have tried before--sketching the brute with acrylics.


Jeff Harter said...

Really like your application of paint in these. Feels so buttery (for lack of a better description). How are things?

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Hey Jeff! Thanks for visiting. I went to "Harter Country" but nothing came up. Did you change the name of your blog?

I have been playing with the acrylics, searching for a buttery feel, but acrylics these days just is not scratching that itch.

Do you remember Kim Dwinell from feature? We are partnering up and writing some graphic novels. Both of us have no experience doing this, so we are having fun and learning together. We will try to make the Comic Con this year; esp. for the graphic novel seminars. Otherwise been freelancin' and exploring paint; being a mom, etc.