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Thursday, April 03, 2008


With regret, I am sad to announce that computer game company, Stormfront Studios has closed it doors after 20 years in the gaming industry. It was at this studio, I entered my first professional art job and my first project was a PC game called Stronghold for EA. I did several fantasy portraits; this is one, and the others are in the garage somewhere-when I find them again I will post them.

It was a blast for the first two years when the company was still young; the fun things that went on and the personalities! Uday from India who was an amazing artist with such a bad, rude disposition that I never spoke to him again; Ken Berry, who would talk about the babes he had once dated (all day), Tracy Grellinger who was so tough, she jumped off her motorcycle to punch a guy thru his car window in SF; and a lot of stories and gossip I can't write about publicly! In those days, I would wear cute clothes, go to work, rattle the fence and get the dogs barking! Sarah did one better; she came to work in a tiny skirt on moving day (moving day!) and Ken and I sat back and laughed in our chairs as we watched the moving guys' eyes pop out of their sockets whenever she bent over to unplug something or other. Then there was the time when I came in to work on a Saturday and caught the maintenance guys rummaging thru Don's beautiful office. "Say," I said casually, "What are you guys looking for?" "Uh...we dropped a joint in Don's office and we just gotta find it before Monday!" Don held some of this meetings privately in his office with some bigwigs on Mondays. We were very close in those days, I don't think I had more fun or laughed as much in one job as I did at Stormfront. It was the people and talent that made it a terrific experience.

Goodluck to the few oldtimers that were left: Jim Larson, Bill Boyer, and John Kiester, and those who were before and came after I left for Disney. Also, so sorry, for you, Don Daglow, who was so proud of your company and who was always kind and so afraid of bad publicity and lawsuits. Don was one of those rare bosses who you could actually go and talk to if there was a concern. He was always welcoming, approachable and a good listener. You truly deserve so much more than this ending to your baby.


Vince M. said...

Wow,Kim, you've been working your a$$ off on this stuff. Keep on going, it looks like you're having fun.

I hope you visit DCP again someday. It's been too long.

Love to You, Greg and Sienna.

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Ya outta see what I am working on now...a fantasy piece on masonite! Getting ready for Comic Con--are you coming this year?

So proud of you! You keep blogging! Your work and history are so inspiring!

Craig Marshall said...

Hi Kim-
If you know where Tracy Grellinger is, would you please contact her to tell her to call Melissa Marshall at The Academy of Art? The main # is (415) 274-2200. This concerns the passing away of Barbara Bradley, her former teacher. Thanks so much.
Craig Marshall