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New Flag
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Saturday, October 17, 2009


For a parent, nothing is more scarier than a child being kidnapped. Rue-an wants her child back, but Wee-bit wants her freedom because soon she will grow old and die. Furious! could either be Rue-an or Wee-Bit. Who will win?

The final illustration. Big thanks for my husband, Greg, who believes in me like no other, Greg Manchess, who gave valuable critiques thru email and who put up with me at Comic Con, answering relentless questions about painting for nearly 2 hours, (I was amazed that he did not kick me out of his booth) and also Dwight Wanhala who is my go to guy when I have questions about props. Also big thanks to James Gurney, whose blog has inspired me to work this way. I just met him last weekend and his seminar was very informative and inspiring.

Check out his new book called Imaginative Realism.

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