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Saturday, February 20, 2010

These were done near the Canyon Theatre. We did not have models but these musicians played for us and I set up. I'm not used to "sketching" with the colors; I mean I am really quick, but it was unnerving at first to paint people moving around alot with acrylics. Great exercise, tho. I was channeling John Quinn, who is used to drawing a lot of people moving around in his meetings or when he is traveling.

The first one I did is the woman, then I painted Manak, the guitar player, and he turned out much better since I was "warmed up" by the time I got to him. Actually, I kinda painted them together, since the singer would get up, then I would switch to Manak, he would get up and then I would switch back to her when she got back...I used to do this with watercolor in Bob Kato's class at Disney. I would bring 2-3 drawing pads, and while one watercolor was drying, throw it down on the floor, grab another pad, work that one, throw that one down and let it dry, grab the pad that was dry and on and on. I would end up with several filled pads of figures very quickly and get lots of practice in.

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