New Flag

New Flag
Red Head

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Been really, really busy, had some time today, busted this out. I was rusty; took me over an hour and I struggled but the highlighted area on the scalp came out better than I imagined. The colors mixed well, my favorite part of the painting. I miss traditional painting and it's randomness. Been doing a lot of digital work lately and I love that too.

Moleskin color journal, acrylic on paper, roughly 5" x 4".


Michael Jay LaRue said...

I really like "mowhawk guy"; the brushwork that forms the topmost ridge of the hair is very effective and full of life. Plus I like the overall palette of color you mixed and applied...MJL

2sk8rboys said...

At last Kimmy, LePardine unvieled and to perfection. You have left your mark once again.