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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Back from Tahoe trip...not the best plein aire from me. I tend to like figure and do the best when the subject is really complicated...when it's simpler, I get confused! And on this vacation, I am always wanting to either: paint or climb or jump off a boulder into icey cold water. Tahoe is so cold it's like jumping into a bowl of ice cubes. Also I have children constantly talking to me. Small, roughly 4"x4" on Bristol tablet.

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S. Lobato said...

Hey Kimba,
Looks great, as always. Hope you Les and Sienna are doing well. We are. I'm a fulltime painter now with a real studio in Benicia. Max is doing great, he's amazing. He's in the Gate program and is play his electric guitar like a pro. How's your dad? If you're ever in the Bay area give me a call and we can do some painting. You are the only artist I know who really paints when we set out to do so.
here's my contact info: 415 308-8992

All the Best... Sergio