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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not a lot of time this week: Ok I'm going on a rant...freelancing is great but it is a fight to protect my time. I work from home and sometimes the phone will ring every 40 minutes. I don't answer my phone anymore..I kinda live the life of a recluse, hiding out from neighbors and solicitors. People don't realize that a deadline job is very different then a more conventional job; I will work weekends, holidays, weeknights if I promised that I will have the job done at a certain time. I have an unshakeable focus, one which must have driven my mother crazy when she raised me. Sometimes I will lie awake and wonder: How could I have done that better? If I could do it again, what would I do differently? More efficiently? I have an 11 year old daughter, who will sometimes continue to talk to me, loudly, in my ear, as I frantically rush to finish a job. Then I have to pause, make dinner, do laundry between "breaks" and juggle, juggle, juggle. But I would rather have all this then face an LA commute! ~Thanks for listening...


lostinarc said...

very nice rendering....:)

Kimberly M Zamlich said...

Thank you, lostinarc, for visiting! Your colorwork and quick wips are beautiful!~Kimberly