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New Flag
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finally got a small break to clean out the back room.  Came upon several old sketchbooks; leafed thru them.  It's crazy how many sketches I did in several YEARS to finally be able to consistently come up with good ones!  Lawd O'mighty!  The rule about the 10,000 drawings is true!  You have to do that many to be consistently competent!  I did one really "smart" thing~I've never given up.  I hate giving up.  I know I must've drove my mother crazy growing up.  (I was such a persistent perfectionist.  Not so these days.  Just having fun.)  Drawing the figure over and over, drawing animals over and over, drawing clothed figure over and over, one sucky color sketch after another, banging my head on the wall~hard~over and over.  I ask myself:  Why   did   it    take   so   long??

Above:  playing with the brushes yesterday.  Needed to come up for some air.

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