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Monday, January 18, 2016

Shoten Zenjin

Shoten Zenjin:  The strength and confidence you build from within will flow through out.  Meaning that protection from the environment comes from how strong your beliefs are within yourself.

I'm call this done!  Now I can get back to my life!

Still have some problems, but I need to move on.

This year I will be doing exercises in:

Establishing better color harmonies
Working in better cohesive lighting and shadows
Some special effects; blurring, etc.
Being aware of edges and how to better tell the story with soft and crisp edges and where their use is best appropriate for the story


kcdurkin said...
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kcdurkin said...

The road ahead is clear and inviting. Your diligence will bring New horizons to reach. And you will see positive results for your artistry and hard work Kimberly Moriki. Proud of you my dear friend !