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New Flag
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Amidst many personal problems, lack of time, I still need to push on.  The biggest solace I have is this amazing ability to create.  Working mostly with greys; one of my favorite colors.  Trying to nail down a consistent palette and a technique that is well versed.  Last month, I went to La Luz Jesus Gallery in Hollywood as a guest of my friend, Sergio Lobato, who submitted an oil painting in the gallery.  Years ago, we used to paint together in Marin; he claiming that I got him into painting and now he is encouraging me, no, pushing me into submitting to try gallery work.  I believe that the painting bug was always there within him; I just happened to push him over the edge into it, ha, ha.   Anyway, here are some paint sketches in my little sketchbook; "freestylin", which for me means I sketch with the brush instead of sketching in carefully with a pencil drawing and then  painting from that, as I would do for an illustration.  I am exploring here and hoping to latch on to something more concrete~

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