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New Flag
Red Head

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Experimenting with paint: I'm at the end of a freelance deadline and for some reason, my head started hurting today. I have been on the computer a lot, inking and this has never happened before. I took a painting break and finished this one. I have been working back and forth with paint layers and gloss layers. Nothing beats the fun of pushing real tools around.

If something looks familiar, I did steal the pose of the photo of the real liger at the bottom. I tried to paint it, but the head on pose looked awful; so I repainted over the face by using my notes from my sketchbook and made it into a 3/4 head portrait.


Dan said...

Hey Kim

Been too long! been busy...but I hope to get back into it soon....anyways loving the paintings!

Hope all is well.


Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

thanks for visiting, dan! Keep drawing! Keep that hand loose and that eye sharp!

Vince M. said...

Love the simplicity of design in this one, KimZam. You're saying very much with very little! Nobody draws and paints the big cats like you.

Meredith Quinn said...

This is really good painting skills.