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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oscar Grillo, you were right. I looked up Ligers and this is what it had to say: The drive-through wildlife park, (Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia), is believed to have the country's largest concentration of ligers, housing ten of the massive cats.

Since 1999 the park has bred its male lion and female tiger many times, producing about 24 cubs.

Not all of them have been healthy, though.

"We've had 3 out of 24 that, for all practical purposes, were normal but developed as they grew older some kind of neurological disorder," Hutcherson said.

Autopsies didn't reveal what caused the cubs to develop "head shakes," so park staff "chalked it up to a genetic defect," Hutcherson said.

Pictured here is a liger, Patrick, who came from a zoo in Illinois. He is now at Shambala Preserve near Acton. Ligers were brought to the public's attention after they were mentioned in the movie, "Napoleon Dynamite."

Again, thanks for your thoughtful and humane comment, Oscar.