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New Flag
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Worked on this this weekend. Good painting, would have been nicer if it looked like Emma! I really struggled with this one-I am much more comfortable painting sharp shadows and sunlight. Tommorrow at work I will soften the eyebrow and the cheek rolling into the jaw.

Emma is Corinne's younger sister.


Dorota said...

I don't know what Emma looks like but the painting is great.

Rob Carey said...

Hey, I was going to comment the exact words Dorota said. Weird. Nice job.

Vince M said...

Beautiful study Kimzam.

Greg said...

Dorota, Rob Carey, and V, you guys are my best visitors. Thanks! I am at Lake Tahoe right not and hopefully will post some plein aire stuff when I get back to my scanner!