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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just back from Tahoe. Will post some okay plein aire studies soon. Here is a poem Sienna wrote the night we got into the condo at King's Beach:

Part 1
Here I'm in tahoe away from Home town way accross the city for the nights that pass over the tree tops.

Part 2
Here and there and everywhere cabbins are hidden all over the Home town.

Part 3
landcaster and utah everywhere we go joy fills us with lots and lots of love and careing.

Part 4
Sometimes we even stop to get more joy
it does'nt matter anywhere we go

July 15 2009
8 years old


Kelvin said...

Hi Kim,
I tried to call you but your number was always's my number 714-251-9516...

sorry to hear about MGA


Frans Kusuma said...

Heya Kim,
I finally got my blog up.
Still remember me? We met at Kim Dwinell's party. We end up showing each other our sketchbooks that night. HAhahahaha. I got your blog linked to mine.

Mine is