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Monday, April 16, 2012

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
A visit back to the screen shots. I went for a bigger format, 8" by 5" roughly, on a thick watercolor sketchbook. I found while I do really enjoy painting the screen shots and have really missed doing them, I needed a bigger surface so that I can concentrate on turning the form with warms and cools. I brought the pallette down to 7 colors: black, white, Hooker's Green, Cad red light, yellow ochre, Magnesium Blue and I will sneak in a few "guest" colors from time to time if I get a screen shot that needs a specific color.
This film was beautifully shot; Kate Blanchette just glows like alabaster in this one, partly because of the natural light and partly because of the white paint she wears. There are some shots in which she moves in and out of natural sun light~breath taking~so expect some of the same shots painted but with different lighting. I will post more when I get some time.

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