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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished this yesterday~right before our big annual block party. Again, I am shocked at how bad this one scanned. It's a nice one. I'm learning to handle complicated compositions with several figures. But as I've said in the past if you want to kill a traditional piece of work~just scan it. Also: You all know that I like painting these exercises on Bristol Vellum but all I can find in this proportion of sketchbook are ones that are made of watercolor paper. I find that the Bristol Vellum has a slight tooth which the brush loves and yet is still smooth enough to give me clean colors on the surface. It's also plenty strong so that it won't buckle with a loaded brush. Watercolor paper is too pulpy for my tastes and because of that will not give me the clarity of color I want. Since the newer generations of commercial artists use digital media now, people are steering away from drawing on paper, so it's getting harder to find the kind of sketchbooks that I want. I just found out that if I precut the paper I like, Staples will spiral bound a sketchbook for me for only $5.00! I wanted a landscape proportioned sketchbook, 2 types of Vellum papers and only 25 pages in it~because it's lighter to carry. Spiral bound is a plus, since you can open it and paint with it without harming the spine. I had 2 sketchbooks made, (which might have cost me $20.00 per book at an art store) and I love them!! I think I'm on to something!!


Michael Jay LaRue said...

Hi Kim... I like this one; very nice... I like the triangle of characters arranged at different depths - nice composition and execution!

Kimberly M Zamlich said...

Thank you Michael! How are you? Are you still drawing?