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New Flag
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking the new paper, Bristol Vellum for a this surface. This is how I have been starting the painting, blocking in the figure, then using warm or cool shadow shapes, prepping to turn the form with the warms and cools. If I can set it up, the rest is cake.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My dog sits outside of the glass door when I work on my computer. Sometimes I sketch her. She is a small Chihuahua mix with the markings of a German Shepherd. I've been watching Cesar Milan obsessively on Youtube to learn about dog behavior and it has helped me teach Sheba how to be polite on a walk. Oh, the full bodied drawings of a dog are not drawings of my dog. If I see something interesting on the internet, I will draw it. Sometimes while waiting for the computer to load or save, I will have an image ready to go for drawing. Drawing animals is a comfort zone for me. Whenever I get stuck on a problem in Illustrator and get frustrated, drawing animals calms me down.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished this yesterday~right before our big annual block party. Again, I am shocked at how bad this one scanned. It's a nice one. I'm learning to handle complicated compositions with several figures. But as I've said in the past if you want to kill a traditional piece of work~just scan it. Also: You all know that I like painting these exercises on Bristol Vellum but all I can find in this proportion of sketchbook are ones that are made of watercolor paper. I find that the Bristol Vellum has a slight tooth which the brush loves and yet is still smooth enough to give me clean colors on the surface. It's also plenty strong so that it won't buckle with a loaded brush. Watercolor paper is too pulpy for my tastes and because of that will not give me the clarity of color I want. Since the newer generations of commercial artists use digital media now, people are steering away from drawing on paper, so it's getting harder to find the kind of sketchbooks that I want. I just found out that if I precut the paper I like, Staples will spiral bound a sketchbook for me for only $5.00! I wanted a landscape proportioned sketchbook, 2 types of Vellum papers and only 25 pages in it~because it's lighter to carry. Spiral bound is a plus, since you can open it and paint with it without harming the spine. I had 2 sketchbooks made, (which might have cost me $20.00 per book at an art store) and I love them!! I think I'm on to something!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gorgeousness on a Sunday afternoon. Roughly 8 1/4 by 4 1/2" on Bristol board paper, acrylic, 'bout 3 1/2 hours. Love these color harmonies. Working back on a limited diverse color pallette. My excursion to a black and white, warm and cool pallette study for almost a year really paid off. Comment on FB "This one's one of the best I've done. Color harmonies are working. I've always admired John Singer Sargent's painting arrangement where a saturated figure comes out of a neutral dark background. Figure tends to be staged beautifully and your eye is directed where it should go..."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shakey start...this one's gorgeous. I could leave it like it is...very difficult to paint right now. It's about 108 today and I can't control the consistency of the paints...
Some studies. I discovered these weird Japanese dolls on the internet called "Dollfies". They are either really innocent or creepy and wrong..I like their mood, great expressive, soulful eyes, in fact, these are the kind of eyes LePardine will have. Grey; almost transparent on film...
I actually did this about 3 weeks ago, just now getting around to posting. It's on that lovely Strathmore Bristol (500?) Series, a paper not quite a board but heavy enough to take the acrylics. I just found out that if I precut the paper and bring it to Staples, they will "bind" it for about $4 to $5 dollars! We're talking a wire binder; one that I can open and paint with easily. Lately it has been hard to find a good landscape sketchbook in a size I prefer (I want it light, about 25 pages) and the type of paper that can take acrylic~I'm not a fan of the thick water color paper which tends to have too much texture. And since everyone these days draws, sketches on a hand held computer, the diversity of sketchbooks are getting harder to find. So I am stoked (stoked!) that I can assemble a book of my own material chooses! Yeah! The last screen shot sketchbook I completed had some of the best paintings ever, and I gave it to my Dad as a gift. The next one will be spectacular!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Just for fun. At the Disney Consumer Products office this week, done during lunch break. Don't know if I'll even finish this one. I'm on a Cintique here and just playing with the stylus; taking this baby for a drive. Painting digitally is so easy compared to traditional. I love both but digital is so easy, I actually feel guilty! About 25-30 mins.