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New Flag
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the way back from the coast, yours truly forgot her drawing sketchbook (left on the scanner!) so I had to use my small one that I carry in my backpack. These are thumbnails specifically targeting shadow shapes in landscape. By studying these, it will set me up for really nice plein aire paintings in the future. Got my eye on the shadow shapes, the silohuettes and abstract composition. I have been such a stickler for form, but this year will have my eye on laying down the abstract shapes, colors first, then adding in the form~should have been working this way from the beginning~Doh!


Tom Sarmo said...

Shadows only--something I've not done. I like these--the lighthouse study esp caught my eye. (The lens on the newer post is not only something I've never seen, but something never considered even existing. It is beautiful)

theartofpuro said...