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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Shoten Zenjin2: The Scorpion Goddess

Shoten Zenjin 2:  The Scorpion Goddess.  This is a mash up of Alphonse Mucha, Anime and Selket, the Egyptian Goddess who guards King Tut in the Afterlife (a figure of her was found in his tomb). 

I unwittingly started with a half used pencil in my pencil box to start on this final pencil, and after wildly searching around, found out I had no more.  I explained my dilemma to my friend, Sergio, who started looking for "Berol Verithin Eagle Colored Pencils", Ultramarine Blue 740, and he said "I don't think they make them anymore."  Time to Panic.  Okay, Try not to Panic.  He found a box (YESSS!!!) online and sent them to me.  Ripping open the package, heart beating, I blow the dust off the box, glue yellowed and cracked...musta been hanging in someone's garage for years...sharpened and continued...Interestingly enough, this is an older version from the one I had been using (prolly from my Disney Days late 90's) and slightly more yellow in the formula (teal-ish) but much smoother...Back in Business...

The final tight pencil is being drawn on one of my favorite papers~Borden and Riley Parchment (a heavy trace paper) and I love this because it has such a lovely tooth and can take unbelievable abuse, erase, draw, erase.  Prismas (the last one Winter Turns to Spring final tight pencil was drawn with a black Prisma) are a bit too crumbly but the Ultramarine 740's are smaller, can take a little more pressing, loves the tooth of the Parchment and still scans well for PS.  (Berol may have been an offshoot of Prismas back in the day)  Don't know what I will be using after this box is gone....  :(

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