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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Shoten Zenjin 2: Scorpion Goddess (Sprites of the Forest)

Trying to tie it together.  Making sure the elements are working well.  Influences are Alphonse Mucha, Anime, Nature, and Selket, the Scorpion Goddess who guards King Tut in the Afterlife.  Her dress is based upon the Ancient Egyptian pillars, (lotus flower).  Years ago, growing up in Richmond California, the King Tut Exhibit came to the Richmond Mall, of all places, and my mother took me there to see it as a little girl.  I grew up in a ghetto and to see ancient relics of an amazing civilization fascinated me then and still to this day.  There was a little figure named Selket, the Scorpion Goddess, with arms out and I loved her feminine little figure and this character reminded me of her.  It's curious to note that she is a symbol of Protection, as is the subject of this drawing, and yes, I am a Scorpio.

This drawing is done on one of my favorite paper surfaces, Borden and Riley Parchment paper, heavy weight.  It's a thick trace paper with a marvelous and forgiving tooth.  It can take a lot of abuse, erasing, redrawing, erasing, redrawing.  I've also tweaked the face just a wee bit in PS.

Kudos to a website that I just love, love, love and now can't work without finding powerful references:  Pinterest!  This design is greatly influenced by Nouveau jewelry and architecture.

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