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New Flag
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

This one was the other deadline this month. I am supposed to be doing some animations for the fire, golf flag, trees. Won't be able to get to that until I finish the WB presentation. I am not great at perspective; and Greg actually did a lot of drawing here. It is for PGA winner Bob Burns website and will be featured on the Golf Channel when completed. It is my first digital painting for a client. The web site is:\hickory.

Monday, June 26, 2006

On the same note, I forgot to mention I met Wendy Pini, co-creator of the amazing ElfQuest series--here! In Valencia! I had read the original series back in college, and was so blown away, I was so dissatified with reading any other comic. Her stories had such depth and power back then, that even today I remember most scenes like it was yesterday. Helluva read.

Wendy, is without doubt, one of the most kindest people I have met on this planet. She highly encouraged me to keep plugging away with my project. I was on a high all day. She was very inspirational to the young people, telling them they were our future writers of tomorrow and would make herself available to speak publicly in their schools. She wears her heart on her sleeve. You rock, Wendy!
Big thanks for artist John Quinn for driving over to my house on a hot Sunday to help me sort out some blog issues and questions. It has been actually John who encouraged me to blog. Luna, the leopard at the top left (See entry below) is no longer a turquoise blue! John has been most helpful answering questions and surprised me by being a real good teacher; which in my experience, for artists to be good verbal communicators is somewhat unusual. He is also an ambassador of sorts, welcoming art students from the East Coast, and introducing them to the Industry in Ca. Hats off to you, John. You are, like many of us, trying to balance a professional life and family, seemingly, one of the hardest to do in this field.

Check out his blog (see Link) and his refreshing and biting visual observations of the city we live in...

Friday, June 23, 2006

wow, it has been mom died in Feb, and this month i have been incredibly busy with 3 freelance projects, 2 which are big and are due at the end of this month. I have actually been working on this composition for some time now, many redrawals. there are so many juicey ways to do this one! LeoPardine's first action scene! Her companions are Luna and Sulee and the big one is a Devil Cat. In order to do this one better, I needed to find reference of big cats in motion. The library books I got were all the big cats laying, resting, posing. I went online and found an amazing website called Randy Miller's Predators in Action, which led me to a film he worked on, 2 brothers. I have been sketching both from website and movie and need to post some of those studies. "Devil Cat" was hatched before finding these treasures, so this drawing does not reflect that work...yet. Devil Cat desperately needs a background, which, i think will be snow in the redwoods. I have also been playing around with some great story ideas. We'll just say that LeoPardine will be about Reincarnation and the Afterlife.
Uh...again, I do not know why Luna turned blue! She is grey in Photoshop!