New Flag

New Flag
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Small break this weekend, had 40 minutes to bang this out, took 5 min to set up paints, 30 minutes to slap color on, 5 min to clean up, then head out to Cal State Fullerton to see Kim Dwinell's Grad Show on! Beautiful watercolor art! So proud of you, Other Kim!!

I managed to catch Eric Bana's Oh man, what have I got myself into? expression. I have not painted this type of lighting before where there is no direct strong sunlight, but am eager to begin painting all types of light. Also I hate rushing so much that I can't even do a better job with the color palette on the right. Need to spend more time on the mixing neutrals. The last 2 weeks have been rush here, rush there, need time to take a breath and be more deliberate! OK, I'll stop whining now!

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