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Sunday, April 30, 2006

These were drawn from the Natural History Museum of Science yesterday. Drawing in semi darkness, jostled by kids, parents, my kid running rampad with another kid. I feel anxious, guilty, pressured so the work does not flow. But it is a good exercise on concentration and abbreviated drawings. I look for gesture and shape, how the flesh gathers on the frame or does not. These animal drawings take no more than five minutes, even the ones from books. I learned to draw this way from Paul Wee, at the associates in arts college when I first moved to S. Ca. I had never seen anyone draw the human figure so lyrically as Paul before moving out here and he was a patient teacher as well as very encouraging and inspiring. thanks, Paul, for bringing my skills up several levels. Did you know as a member of the Natural History Museum, I can check out animal specimens from the museum? I can borrow a full size sabor tooth cat skull for two weeks! Maybe next time! Keep practicing!

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waveybrain said...

duhh...Are you an artist? Hey Kim nice sketches! I found your blog (obviously). So now "Boogy" can call you "Bloggy", right?

I was trying to send you an email, but I found out short hand doesn't work when you're trying to jot down someone's email address.

see you soon,